Medallion Hunt

South St. Paul Kaposia Days would like to invite you to take part in our annual Medallion Hunt! Visit the Kaposia Days Facebook page for daily clues. There will be two clues a day starting Sunday, June 23rd at 5PM and ending with one final clue on Friday, June 28th for a total of 10 Clues. The Clues will come out at 9AM and 5PM with the final clue coming out at noon on the 28th.  Search for the hidden medallion on public land in South Saint Paul. If found take a photo of where you found the medallion, call the number with it to return it, and receive your $400 prize. The finders of the medallion will have the opportunity to be honored in the Grande Parade on Friday evening.


  • The medallion will not be hidden on any school property, Northview Pool or Lorraine Pool, under any skating surface, on a baseball/softball field, under any ground, any gated area, or at any construction site.
  • Climbing will not be necessary. Do not alter city property at any time.
  • South St. Paul Parks close promptly at 10:00PM. You may hunt 8:00am-10:00pm
  • If you trespass outside of the 8:00am-10:00pm park hours, you will be disqualified from the hunt.
  • If you find the Kaposia Days medallion, PROMPTLY call the number on the medallion or message FB for further instructions on how to claim the prize.
  • South St. Paul Kaposia Days reserves the right to discontinue the hunt at any time if public property is destroyed.
  • To redeem the full prize award, the finder of the medallion must have a 2024 Kaposia Days button


2024 Clues & Explanations:

Clue 1

Kaposia Days kick off, let the game begin!
Get outside, you have to be in it to win
Hunt as a pack or go at it alone
Medallion is hiding for you to own

Public land in the city of cattle
Keep about your wits, avoid the rattle
Purchase a button if you want to play
You could be in for a handsome pay day

Explanation:  Purchase a Kaposia Days Button to be eligible for the cash prize, “cattle” a loose reference to the dairy farm.

Clue 2

Far and wide folks come for the search
Fear not getting your hands of smirch
Fortune favors those who enter
Figure out your own adventure

Explanation:  Each line begins with the letter “F” which can be seen on a resident’s front door on 14th Ave.  “Figure” alludes to the letter and “enter” to the door.  Medallion is also hidden near the entrance of the park.

Clue 3

You’ve come this far, by foot and by car
Likely searching each and every tree
But here’s a hint, at map you must squint
Don’t look North of Marie

Explanation:  We have narrowed down the search area of the hunt to exclude all public land North of Marie.

Clue 4

Shut off the sky with a leather bound tie
Go to war before time does expire
You have dug in deep now, someway somehow
But it cost you your finest attire

Explanation:  “Shut off” and “expire” are references to the sign on the light post stating, Automatic Shut Off 10:00PM.  “Sky” and “leather bound tie” allude to Orion’s belt, Orion water pump can be found at the park along with a sign about the installed tree trenches, “war” “dug in deep”.

Clue 5

Should a hunter be right or wrong
Quick or be thrown into the throng
Freeze!  Everyone grab for their tools
But you’ll need help from mules or fools

Explanation:  “Wrong” and “throng” rhyme with Wong as in Wong’s Kitchen which is now named Quiksub in the area of the park.  “Freeze” “tools” and “mules” allude to the fact that ice blocks were once harvested from Seidl’s Lake.

Clue 6

Dried out yet? Time to get wet!
It’s hidden near this elemental
No need to bare it all, wear a suit y’all!
This scrub is getting experimental

Explanation:  The medallion is hidden at a park with water, in this case a lake.  Bare Ass Beach as the locals called it was once a popular spot to take a dip in the summer.  “Scrub” references the How to Give Rain a Bath sign.

Clue 7

Dare we recall past stead of yesterday
Time is now, er, I mean don’t have a cow
Pulling melodies out from the wordplay
Since everyone knows to keep your kin close

Explanation:  “Dare we” and “now, er” = Nauer Dairy Farm which used to operate in the area.  Chet’s Melody Master was the family band.  A special thank you to a member of the Nauer family for sharing their stories and past history of the family with us!

Clue 8

Maybe try taking a drive
Would that prevent your crying
Dear, it is one less than five
Insert emoji *sighing*

Explanation:  “May” “Dear” and “Would” refer to Maywood and Deerwood Drives near the park as well as 4th Street and 14th Ave “one less than five”  Finally, “sighing” should have you thinking Seidl’s.

Clue 9

You finally hit your wall, time to turn back
You have gone too far on this path
Beware of borders, paper thin off the track
Clean up but no need for a bath

Water us and your pocket shall grow
Slow down and take time to think
Certainly don’t pass go for the dough
Or you will wind up in the sink

Explanation:  Do not take the path further than the block wall, that part of the park is not South Saint Paul hence “Beware of borders” and it is near residential border as well.  The medallion is hidden at the entrance of the park near road sign “Slow” and a Waterous Co., a South St. Paul company, fire hydrant.

Clue 10

Come join us at the lake or better yet in the woods
Not near the launch to calm your fear of shark
You don’t have to go far to get the goods
It’s hidden at the entrance of the park
South of the fire hydrant in long grass for the win

Two logs cover leafy moss about three paces in
Get down to the ground use your hands it pays
Come ride in the parade as champ of Kaposia Days

Explanation:  The medallion is hidden in a patch of woods/long grass almost immediately to the right when entering the park using the trail. It is concealed in leafs/grass/moss to blend in with the ground. Thank you to the Kaposia Days Committee, Nauer Family, and New Age Notos for their support of this hunt.  We will see you next year!


General Conditions:

Individuals under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate in the hunt. Non-compliance may result in disqualification. All participants agree that South St. Paul Kaposia Days, Sponsor and their respective affiliate companies, parents, subsidiaries, advertising representatives, and agent/consultants will have NO liability whatsoever and will be held harmless by participants for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, misuse or use of the prizes or participation in this contest. Except where legally prohibited, by accepting the award, the winner grants permission for the South St. Paul Kaposia Days, its partners, and those acting under its authority to use their name, photograph, voice, and likeness for advertising and publicity without compensation. Prize winner must be in possession of a 2024 Kaposia Days button.

All HUNTING WILL DONE BE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please abide by all the laws and requests of police officers or local officials.

Kaposia Days Hunt Host: New Age Notos.

Hunt Sponsors: Carolina Creations & Tatonka Woodworks.